Visas and Residence Permits

Nationals of certain countries need a visa in order to visit Norway for up to 90 days. All foreign nationals who are to stay in Norway for more than 90 days must have a residence permit. Foreign nationals who are to work in Norway will in many cases need to have a residence permit, even for stays of less than 90 days. Read more

The Royal Norwegian Embassy in Kampala advises all visa applicants to exercise caution when/if they receive E-mail messages after submission of their applications. It has come to our attention that there are some fraudulent entities sending scam E-mails instructing recipients to contact them and send money to facilitate the visa handling process. Read more

Kindly note that due to an increased number of applications received by the Embassy, the normal processing time of 15 days might be prolonged in some cases Read more

From 1 June 2015 both visa and residence permit applications (family reunification, study, work etc.) are to be submitted to VFS Global (contact info in article). Applications for Danish residence permits still have to be submitted at the Embassy. Initial online registration and payment through the Application Portal is mandatory. Read more

We accept Schengen visa applications from the following nationalities: Read more

Requirements for Schengen Visa applications to Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland and Switzerland.

Processing of Schengen visa applications normally takes 15 calendar days when all the required documents have been submitted, however, cases that require further examination may require a longer processing time. Read more

Information about the various application fees that apply. Read more